Tuesday, January 16, 2018


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The Fair Maiden

Epic NPC Man takes a cockeyed look at the nuts and bolts of gaming, using real people instead of computer graphics. In this video, he explores the moment after the player has fulfilled his quest to rescue the damsel in distress. She's been the prisoner of the villain for ten years. Our hero takes her to her home, but now what? Will he marry her and live happily ever after? Will he gallantly consider her freedom and happiness as his only reward? Will he at least get a kiss? Let's Remember, this is a video game, in which the player controls the action. The player is a gamer, so his priorities might be different from whatever you, the viewer, would like to see. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

How That False Alarm Happened

Saturday morning, residents of Hawaii received an alert of incoming missiles, with a tag that "this is not a drill." Panic ensued, and it was 38 minutes before the news followed that it was a false alarm. How did it happen? The explanation was that an employee pushed the wrong button. There is speculation that it was an option in a drop-down menu. The video above is an easy explanation, because it's happened to all of us. (via reddit)

Second Honeymoon

Gilbert and Grace Caldwell were married in 1957. They had reservations for their honeymoon at the Mount Airy Resort in Pennsylvania, but were turned away when the management saw they were black. A group of young students decided that it's not too late to do the right thing, even 60 years later. (via Bits and Pieces)  


Cats Stealing Stuff

Cats have a firm sense of private property. A cat sees something, it will take something. "I found it, it's mine now!" You know, like the seagulls in Finding Nemo, just quieter. Enjoy this compilation of all kinds of cats taking all kinds of things for themselves. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Miss Cellania's Links

When Did People Start Making Bread? A short history of the staple that feeds the world.

Donald Trump’s Racism: The Definitive List. (via Boing Boing)

Found: The Real Bullitt Mustang That Steve McQueen Tried (and Failed) to Buy. The '69 sports car had been in private hands since after the movie wrapped. (via Metafilter)

The Mysterious Origins of the First Scandinavians. The tools they left behind suggested that migration may have come from two directions.

When Quackery on the Radio Was a Public Health Crisis. From magic bracelets to goat gonad transplants, medical marketers got rich.

How Women Broke Into the Male-Dominated World of Cartoons and Illustrations. First off, pretend you're a man.

The Skillet. Susannah Nesmith beautifully chronicles the legacy of her great-great-grandmother's iron cookware. (via Metafilter)

Gary Lee tells a great story for his first Twitter thread. (via Madam Jujujive)  

An image of a Marine feeding a two-week-old kitten with an eyedropper offered a tender moment in a brutal war, and was published in over 1,700 newspapers in 1953. (via Strange Company)

6 Signs That Disney Is Trying To Take Over The World.


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Caught Red-handed

This three-year-old has read the manual: Deny, deny, deny, even when confronted with overwhelming evidence, deny again. Who are you gonna believe, me or your lyin' eyes? His mom says:
After I filmed it we had a VERY long talk about the difference between telling the truth and not telling the truth. He has an amazing imagination and loves to tell us stories. I saw this as a sweet moment, something that every child goes through...where they try to push the boundaries to see how far they can go. And I thought I'd share it with my friends and family. And apparently, the world seems to enjoy it, too. We are currently working on the difference, and he is doing really well. :)
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Monday, January 15, 2018


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Bruce Lee with Lightsabers

Bruce Lee was the most badass martial arts movie star ever. How could you possibly make his moves any cooler? Maybe with a lightsaber! Inspired by a digital artwork by DeviantART member Ameeeeba, Patrick Nan altered a scene from the 1972 movie Fist of Fury to include lasers in dangerous places- like nunchucks. Yeah, that could leave you with some serious armpit burns, but it looks good. (via Tastefully Offensive)


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Free, White, and 21

You heard it in dozens of movies in the 1930s and '40s. It stuck around longer than that, as I recall people saying in the 1960s. Jezebel looked into the history of the catchphrase here.
The saying emerged around 1828, when property ownership was removed as a prerequisite for suffrage, and voters needed only be free, white, and 21 (and also, it needn’t be said, male). It should have died with the passing of the 15th amendment in 1870, but of course racism is stronger than the law, and by the end of the century, legislators were working to bring the two back into harmony. In 1898, when Louisiana put forward its version of the grandfather clause, a judge asserted that the new legislation was simply a way of maintaining the “right of manhood,” deserved of all men “free, white, and twenty-one.”

Yet it took women to popularize the phrase—or fictional women at least. 
The movies, strangely, were mostly about how unmarried adult women would come to a bad end by asserting their freedom; they rarely even acknowledged the white privilege inherent in the phrase -because it was just understood. (via Nag on the Lake)

Hungry Tree

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Tossing the Christmas Tree

David Graham of Charleston, South Carolina, was simply trying to discard the Christmas tree. His plan was to dump it over the backyard fence into the woods. His wife Erin wondered why it was taking so long, so she peeked out the window and then had to grab her camera. Their two dogs weren't making things easy at all! Did they consider it a game of tug-of-war? Or were they just upset that the wonderful tree was going away? (via Tastefully Offensive)

Miss Cellania's Links

Let There Be Light. The difficulty of translating the Bible.

Donald Trump’s Vile Words Should Remind Us That America Owes Everything to Haitians.

28 Baldfaced Lies Your Parents Expected You To Believe.

Son of Frankenstein: Hitting the Horror Trifecta. A perfect ending to the first great movie trilogy.

It Wasn't Easy Being Green for These Mysterious Children in 12th-Century England. The village of Woolpit has never been the same since.

The Strange History of One of the Internet's First Viral Videos. If you had an email address in the late 1990s, you probably received a video file titled “badday.mpg” at least once.

The Contentious Burial of Bo-Bo, the Blenheim Spaniel of Civil War Hero General Daniel E. Sickles. His relatives didn't want the beloved dog interred in the family plot.

Here's Why Your Body Stores More Fat in Certain Places. Hormones do it, but in an insanely complicated manner.

Butterfly Breeder Romy McCloskey Saw One Emerge from its Chrysalis with a Torn Wing. So she got her tools together and performed a wing transplant.

Kentucky upends its Medicaid program, thousands to lose coverage. I'm surprised it took this long after Matt Bevin's election. (via Fark

Cold Cat

Leopards Discover a Mirror

We've seen wild animals caught with a camera trap, and we've seen kittens see their first mirror image. But now we've got a pair of curious young leopards encountering a large mirror on the side of an empty road near Nyonié in Gabon. Xavier HUBERT-BRIERRE set up 29 camera traps, but unfortunately is having a hard time getting repair work done on those the animals have damaged. Metafilter has links to his other wildlife videos.

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