Monday, October 16, 2017

Wizard of Oz Homecoming Assembly

Walden Grove High School in Sahuarita, Arizona, had a pep rally to gear students up for homecoming. The school's dance team did a great routine with a Wizard of Oz theme. Sure, it's a cheesy idea you'd expect from a high school choreographer, but these kids display some seriously fancy footwork to some truly clever song selections. This may put a smile in your Monday. (via Boing Boing)

Bluebeard's Wives

Performed by students at Beloit College. (via Weird Vintage)

Miss Cellania's Links

Amazing Luck! Read about some uncanny coincidences, or what we call good luck.

20 of America's top political scientists gathered to discuss our democracy. They're scared. “If current trends continue for another 20 or 30 years, democracy will be toast.” 

How Will Martian Laws Differ From Earth's Laws? Enforcement of existing laws from Earth will be impossible for a small population millions of miles away.

The Creepy Cabinet That Inspired Jekyll and Hyde. Robert Louis Stevenson's childhood bedroom had a cabinet made by a carpenter who led a double life.

14 Unmade Hammer Horror Films. Some ideas were too bizarre even for the erstwhile British Gothic film studio.

America Can't Fix Poverty Until It Stops Hating Poor People. (via Metafilter

A Brief History of Bat-Marriage. Batmen has been spotted marrying Kathy Kane, Vicki Vale, Julie Madison, Selina Kyle, Lois Lane, and Wonder Woman, most of them twice.

John Banvard is the most successful American artist you've never heard of. His chosen medium was an obscure 19th-century show business gimmick, and he managed to completely squander his fortune.

Why Everyone Knows the Same Scary Slumber-Party Stories. People who know them don't recall where they first heard them.

High School Students Forced Out For Reporting Harassment.


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The End

A creepy but ultimately touching tale of a scarecrow. (via deputy dog)

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

An edited version of the 1963 Twilight Zone episode starring William Shatner. From back in the days when you could both smoke and carry a gun on a plane.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017


Vincent Price's Dracula (1982)

From 1982, Vincent Price tells us all about Dracula.

Betty White

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Cod Liver Oil

The Perils of Adulthood

Extraordinary Kids in Zero Gravity

In a collaboration between Les Chevaliers du Ciel (The Knights Of Heaven), the European Space Agency (ESA), and noveSpace (a company that operates a vomit comet), a group of disabled kids got to experience weightlessness, accompanied by ESA astronauts. Ten people with mobility issues were freed from the limits of gravity. It was an experience to remember.
The kids came from five ESA member states – UK, France, Germany, Belgium, and Italy – and boarded the converted Airbus A310 Zero G in Bordeaux, France on 24 August as part of this “Kid’s Weightless Dreams” flight. True weightlessness is produced in the large cabin area of this aircraft during repetitive parabolic maneuvers, as in the Air Zero G flights operated by Novespace.

The children also took part in education experiments including lighting a candle, mixing liquids of different densities, playing ping-pong with bubbles of water and working a fidget spinner to demonstrate the effects of weightlessness.

Joining the children were ESA astronauts from their corresponding member states: Tim Peake (UK), Frank De Winne (Belgium), Maurizio Cheli (Italy), Thomas Reiter (Germany), Claudie Haigneré and Jean-Francois Clervoy (France) mentored the children on board and answered their questions.

Two disabled adults, former athlete and German television personality Samuel Koch, a strong advocate for disabled causes, and Philippe Carette, a very active Rêve de Gosse volunteer and pilot, also took part in the flight. 
Did you catch the girl who used the few minutes of zero-G to walk? That's at 2:35. The event was organized by Rêves de Gosse (Kids’ Dreams), which provides children with educational opportunities and adventures involving space flight. (via Geekologie)

Now What?

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Donald Duck in Trick or Treat

From 1952.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


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Large Cat Spotted

First, David Sluder saw an enormous cat just off the road in Hernando, Mississippi. It appears to be a wild cat, maybe a cougar. He didn't get too close to it. The local news team from Fox13 sent Scott Madaus out to the location to do a live report. He teased it beforehand with this live shot.

Well, that is a large cat, but not any larger than Garfield or your everyday big tom cat. The video and the resulting screen shot went viral yesterday, and everyone got a bit of a laugh. Yes, Madaus did his tease when the house cat appeared on purpose.
"You have a very serious job being journalist, but at the same time when things like this happen you can't take yourself too seriously," he said.
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Star Wars Prediction

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A Night at the Garden

You may have never heard about the 1939 Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden. It's not mentioned in textbooks or classrooms because it's a "scary and embarrassing" part of U.S. history. Filmmaker Marshall Curry hadn't heard about it either, either, until last year. He hunted down footage of the event and assembled a documentary. Warning: this film is disturbing. Curry explains more about the film here.
The first thing that struck me was that an event like this could happen in the heart of New York City, a city that was diverse, modern, and progressive even in 1939. The second thing that struck me was the way these American Nazis used the symbols of America to sell an ideology that a few years later hundreds of thousands of Americans would die fighting against.

It really illustrated that the tactics of demagogues have been the same throughout the ages. They attack the press, using sarcasm and humor. They tell their followers that they are the true Americans (or Germans or Spartans or...). And they encourage their followers to “take their country back” from whatever minority group has ruined it.
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The Tailor's Ghost

Pick Up Line

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Playing Fetch with a Lion

You know Chris Poole. He has the cats named Cole and Marmalade. He's gotten himself into a career advocating for cats. Poole visited the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa and met a lioness named Serabie who loves to play fetch. To be fair, Serabie doesn't usually bring the stick back to whoever threw it -the would be dangerous- but she does love to chase a thrown stick and chew it to pieces. She's also pretty good at climbing trees, too, just like a house cat. A house cat that could have you for dinner if she chose. (via Tastefully Offensive

Afraid of Spiders

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Haunted House

A 1929 cartoon starring Mickey Mouse.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Moose Lasagna

How to Move a 100-year-old Church

Ten years later, this is still my favorite YouTube video. For the second season of the TV show Monster Moves, the production followed Trinity Lutheran Church in Lincoln Township, Iowa, that was moved nine miles to its new home in Manning, Iowa. Daniel Pemberton wrote a song for the occasion, sung by the Manning Chorus. You can see the TV segment here. Even the stained glass survived the move intact!

They Did the Math

They did the monster math. What's the difference? One has variance, the other has scariance. One is bell curse, the other a boo curve. I think this may be an example of Boo-lean algebra. (via reddit)

Why Photos of the Eiffel Tower at Night are Illegal

Did you know that it is illegal to photograph the Eiffel Tower at night? Taking pictures of the Paris landmark is perfectly find during the day, but not at night. Or, to be realistic, you can't take photos of the tower at night and use them for commercial purposes. The reasoning is bound up in weird copyright laws. It never occurred to me that a building could be copyrighted. Sure, I understand that you can't just design a build a building by copying some other architect's work, but taking a picture should be fine. And it is, in most places. But not France. (via Laughing Squid)

Beware Friday the 13th!

The Dreaded Question

It used to be that you had to ask lots of questions to get to know someone. Now it just takes one. From Married to the Sea.

The Strange Case of the Cyclops Sheep

In 1953, a spate of one-eyed sheep baffled farmers and scientists alike. Almost 60 years later, in 2012, the result of the investigation gave us a new skin cancer treatment. Tien Nguyen connected the seemingly unrelated dots from one event to the other in this TED-Ed lesson. If cyclops sheep isn't weird enough, the story include hedgehog genes and a protein called smoothened. But it will all make sense as you watch it. And you'll gain more appreciation for all those lab people who spend years trying to isolate one protein and will never get credit for curing cancer. (via Laughing Squid)

Miss Cellania's Links

The Language Detectives. An overview of how forensic linguistics works.

From Prejudice to Pride. As the indigenous Ainu begin to assert their place among the people of Japan, an archaeological dig reveals more about their past.

How U.S. Colleges Went from Pitiful to Powerful. The flexibility born of the system's ragged beginnings helped make the American higher education business what it is today.

A Brief History of the Danse Macabre, from a Paris cemetery to David S. Pumpkins. It's a reminder that no one escapes death.

Life Along the Russian Border. Border security reflects each nation's history with Russia.

The Ancient Origins of Both Light and Dark Skin. A genetic study of the varied people of Africa busts some old ideas.  

Where is the Line Between Fandom and Obsession? Will Pearson and Mangesh Hattikudur discuss what it takes to be a superfan.

The Roller Skating Scene from Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times. A lesson in special effects from 1936.

Vintage photos taken by the EPA reveal what America looked like before pollution was regulated. And now Trump's EPA director is trying hard to undo all that work. (via Everlasting Blort)

Good Luck Out There Today

How to Sell a Slinky

Did you know playing with a Slinky can be a performance art? This vendor makes his Slinky do things you can't, because it takes practice. This kind of juggling would really screw up the old school metal Slinkys, and probably wouldn't look as good, either. Wouldn't you love to see this in fluorescent colors under a blacklight? The guy would probably be pretty good with a yoyo, too, if he gave it a day or so. Now I really want a plastic rainbow Slinky. (via Metafilter)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Loss of Appetite is Relatively Diet

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Stone Cat

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Giant Panda Cubs Falling Down

Baby pandas quickly learn the art of falling down, because they aren't all that great at climbing, walking, or even standing still. They soon become very good at falling down. The Toronto Zoo put together a compilation of falling down clips from their panda-cams, accompanied by a wonderful performance of The Barber of Seville from the Davis High School Symphony Orchestra. Apparently, pandas are built for falling, being so roly-poly and all.
In 2003, scientists from Zoo Atlanta, Chengdu, and the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding published a study that described trends in the behavior of giant panda cubs. Among other findings, this study confirmed that falling was a normal and expected part of the play of the giant panda cubs being reared by their mother. The researchers suggested that the natural play experiences of growing cubs with their mothers and siblings may significantly contribute to the panda cubs’ development into reproductively successful adults.
(via Metafilter)

Human Candelabra

Tu Youyou

If Cell Phone Commercials Were Honest

In the latest installment of Cracked's Honest Ad series, Roger Horton is back to sell you a "pocket box" called the iHorton BS8. I think you know what they are parodying. Is the new pocket box worth upgrading from your iHorton BS7? You betcha! It's newer, has some features you may or may not care about, and most of all, it's more expensive. That's why you need one right now. As a satisfied flip phone user, I found this quite amusing. (via Geeks Are Sexy)  

Miss Cellania's Links

The Story of Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. It was a graveyard smash!

How Charlie Chaplin’s Wife Saved His Backyard Fortune. When he was banned from the U.S., a lifetime of Hollywood earnings was at risk.

How the Real Madame Tussaud Built a Business Out of Beheadings. Marie Grosholtz was in the right place at the right time to capitalize on the public's fascination with celebrities.

24 Events From Stories That Are Completely Different On Film. The source material is often enhanced for more excitement on the screen.

Exploring Cairo’s Ghost Mansions. The abandoned monuments to colonialism have their own haunting beauty.

Warming Oceans May Make Nemo Harder to Find. When the sea anemones go, clownfish and other fish species will have no place to nest.
A Man and His Cat Travel Australia.
12 Halloween Traditions From Around the World. 

12 Pun Costumes for Halloween. When you want to spend the holiday explaining yourself and hearing people groan.


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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


How Animated Cartoons Are Made

This is how animated cartoon were made in 1919. That makes it more interesting than how they're made now on computers. The only boring part is how long the interstitial captions are on, since they were made for the barely literate. (via Nag on the Lake)

Fun with Captions

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Teaching Your Cat Persistence

In this video from Dublin, a cat named Jas will not put up with an empty bottle next to him when it's so much fun to knock it off. His humans are getting a kick out of it, too. Oh yeah, this video is cute and all, but making it a game is showing the cat how much you love him knocking things off the counter. He might end up doing it the rest of his life just to please you. However, he is a cat, so "pleasing you" won't be his main agenda. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Resistance Training

Miss Cellania's Links

37 Therapists. A psychological poem that includes nearly everyone.

After the check is gone. That $735 isn't going to last all month.

Toronto Airport’s Inunnguat Are Sending the Wrong Message. It's cautionary tale that reminds us how easy it can be to misinterpret traditions from cultures we don't know enough about.

What You Missed in the Latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer. An analysis of clues and possible clues.

How Would We Talk to Aliens? Finding a common means of communication could be trickier than we can imagine.

The 19 Scariest, Freakiest Haunted Houses in Movies and TV. The films you haven't seen should go on your October horror watch list.

Hilarious Kinetic Eye Sculptures by Lucas Zanotto. Simple black dots on white orbs speak to us, even when they don't make sense.

This Optical Illusion Floor Will Mess With Your Head. The award-winning design is safe to walk on, although your brain will balk at the idea.

Unemployment is Contagious. It spreads just like a disease, because our economic system is so interconnected.

Harvey Fierstein Responds To Being Mistaken For Harvey Weinstein.

Tea Time

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The Best Halloween News Bloopers

What could be more tempting than to startle a news anchor or reporter, especially when they've been primed by a spooky report already? It happens every Halloween, and it's recorded on video for posterity. News Be Funny has a mega-compilation of news people who couldn't stay calm and cool while reporting on Halloween shenanigans. There are also clips of pranks and silliness and unexpected weirdness that happens when you do Halloween live on the air.  

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Side Effects

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Hall of the Mountain King, Line Rider Version

DoodleChaos spent a month creating a music video for Edvard Grieg's "Hall of the Mountain King" using the style of Line Rider. It was all drawn by hand. You know the song, so you can anticipate how it builds to a chaotic frenzy and goes completely off the rails -literally, in this version. Synchronizing the drawings to the music was a painstaking job, and DoodleChaos says he/she never wants to hear the song again. I understand, but it's worth it for the many folks who are enjoying it now. (via reddit)

Cyriak Takes on Horses

It's been a while since we've had a new video from Cyriak Harris. He's done some strange things with cats and sheep, man more cows than you can shake a stick at. This one is all about a goofy dancing horse. Or dozens of them, but it's all the same horse that multiplies by fractals. The video is for the song "UFOholic" by the Japanese band Denki Groove. (via Laughing Squid)

Ayn Rand

Fun with Polyethylene Glycol

The host of The Action Lab makes entertainment out of the properties of Polyethylene Glycol. It's a substance made of long stringy molecules that cohere so well that they defy gravity. A good basic video of this property is at Geeks Are Sexy. In this later video, he tests those properties in Robert Boyle's self flowing flask. Can he make a perpetual motion machine out of the goop and the flask? Well, perpetual motion devices have enemies: inertia, gravity, air, friction, and some other laws that creep in if you ever defeat the big four. Polyethylene Glycol is no miracle substance, unless you're severely constipated.

Miss Cellania's Links

The Ghosts of Japanese School Toilets. The urban legends make up an entire genre.

The Scariest Haunted Attractions In The Country. Big-budget horror productions use the science of fear to give you an adrenaline rush.

A History of Ghosts on Film. Not movies with special effects, but attempts to film evidence of real ghosts, starting with Thomas Edison.

A New Type of Northern Light has Been Discovered. They named it Steve, because we have to call it something. (via TYWKIWDBI)

The Mid-Century Supper Club Revives Kooky Retro Recipes. Their potluck meetings are a trip back to the 1950s.

Should You Be Allowed to Sell Your Kidney? Medical and ethical experts give us their opinions.

In another example of how humans will turn any activity into a competition, behold the competitive world of singing birds. Bird owners spend years teaching their birds to improve upon what nature gave them. (via Boing Boing)

The sociological explanation for why men in America turn to gun violence.

The Scandalous Witch Hunt That Poisoned 17th-Century France.

The Haunted Bones of the Fighting Fairy Woman. (via Strange Company)

Wake Up

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New Trailer for The Last Jedi

The second full trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi just dropped during Monday Night Football, and now we all have it. Rey is training, Luke is tired, General Leia is concerned, and Kylo Ren is pissed off. There's some colorful battle sequences and space flight, and otherwise we really don't find out much about the story. But it does make us want to buy some advance tickets.

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Monday, October 09, 2017

Excellent Pay!


Eyes are the window to the soul. It's no secret that humans respond to eyes, real or artificial, because they tell us so much. The slightest movements relay what the person behind them is thinking, what they are paying attention too, and how they feel. Even stripped down to two simple black dots on two white orbs, we recognize them as eyes because they are that important to us.

Helsinki designer and filmmaker Lucas Zanotto constructed several kinetic sculptures that use simple shapes and movements to show us something we are infinitely familiar with: eyes. When artificial eyes act in familiar ways, we know exactly what's going on. When they act goofy, we find it delightful. Enjoy Zanotto's eyes moving in lots of different ways. (via Metafilter)

Suspicious People

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Luke Bryan and a Little Girl

Country music singer Luke Bryan welcomed a tiny fan onstage to sing "Someone Else Calling You Baby" with him. It's just as cute as can be. (via reddit)

A Reminder for Drivers

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Miss Cellania's Links

10 Clever Halloween Pun Costumes

The Underwater Ghost Town. Scuba divers can see the remains of Minnewanka Landing, which is preserved by icy cold water.

Seven Body Organs You Can Live Without. (But it's still best to keep them all in working order.)

I Couldn’t Tell My Parents That This Country Made Me Sick

France’s Most Famous Author Led a Life Worthy of One of His Own Stories. Alexandre Dumas wrote more books, spent more money, and fathered more children than most people ever realized.

This Vet Put Hilarious Explanations Of 15 Common Cat Behaviors On His Cork Board. The truth is that your cat always wants more from you.

100 Years Since Her Execution, Was Mata Hari a Sexy Spy or a Sexy Scapegoat? She learned early that the woman always takes the blame.

The Great Catnip Caper. G. Herman Gottlieb tried selling catnip door-to-door and was arrested for drawing a crowd -of cats! (via Strange Company)

Tim Piazza fought for his life for 12 hours before his Beta Theta Pi brothers called 911. By then, it was too late. (via Metafilter)

The Existential Horror Created by the First X-Ray Images.

New Neanderthal Genome Yields Data on Human Interbreeding.

Zoey's Pillow

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Nonsensical Rifle Addiction

The Dutch satire show Sunday with Lubach brings us this ad to raise awareness of Nonsensical Rifle Addiction (NRA). It underscores how confused Europeans are about the USA's obsession with guns. A lot of Americans are pretty puzzled, too. (via Digg)

Tweet of the Day

Good luck, cow. This Tweet was a reaction to this video.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Ankles Showing


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Rhino vs. Traffic

A rhino goes where he pleases, your rules be damned. The music on the radio makes this video what it is. (via Everlasting Blort)

Haunted House

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Sculpting Freddie Mercury

Brazilian artist Juliana LePine (who lives in Canada) made a miniature sculpture of Freddie Mercury the way nature does it -by starting with the bones inside. As she adds layers, every detail is examined and adjusted to be correct. The process is mesmerizing. In two minutes we see what it must have taken weeks to accomplish. Or maybe she's faster than we can relate to. Anyway, the finished product is an amazing recreation of Mercury performing at Live Aid in 1985. LePine offers instructional videos (in English) in case you want to learn how she does it. (via Laughing Squid)

Emergency Evacuation from High Rise Buildings

This video shows an escape system to evacuate people in a hurry from the upper floors of a high-rise building. It actually looks like it could be pretty fun as a carnival ride. The idea is that slide down a fabric chute that slows your descent just enough to keep you from splatting against the ground. What could possibly go wrong? The first thing everyone thinks of is the wide range of people who would be using it. Would an obese person slide down at the same rate as a skinny person? Or would they tear the fabric? Or get stuck? Would people in a panic tumble down too close together? What of someone had a sharp object attached to them? You now there would be at least one fool who would try it head first. What I see as most likely is that people at the bottom would fall on their butts, or sides, and take too long to get up and move out of the way. There would be a pile of people to land on! (via Digg)


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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Committee Work

The Haunted House

A Buster Keaton film from 1921. From Wikipedia:
Keaton plays a teller at a successful bank and unbeknownst to him, the manager at the bank and his gang are planning on pulling off a robbery and hiding in an old house which they have rigged up with booby traps and effects to make it appear to be haunted. After a mishap that afternoon with Keaton getting glue all over the money and himself, he almost thwarts the gang's robbery but when the owner of the bank walks in and sees Keaton armed with a gun he assumes it was he who tried to rob it. Keaton flees and takes refuge in the old house, however a troupe of actors from a theatre production are currently seeking refuge in the house and are still fully clad in their scary costumes from the production (ghosts, skeletons etc) leading Keaton and the gang of robbers to believe the house actually is haunted.

Knock Knock

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I Am A Slave

The Roots did a Schoolhouse Rock-style song about slavery for the show Black-ish. It was part of the musical season four premiere entitled "Juneteenth." There are a couple of other numbers from the show online. One is called "We Built This." The other, called "Freedom," is a joyful anthem about the high hopes slaves had about their impending freedom. But if you listen closely, you realize that many those things took another hundred years (and more bloodshed) to achieve. (via Metafilter)

Fun Costume

Tweet of the Day

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Bert & Ernie's Pumpkin Painting Challenge

Bert and Ernie dip their toes (or would if they had any) into the world of internet DIY tutorials. Bert has started a series called Backyard with Bert, and the first episode is about painting pumpkins for Halloween. It may also be the last episode, as things got off to a rocky start. See, Ernie has some ideas of his own, and that complicates things immensely for Bert. I now wonder how well mineral spirits will remove paint from a pumpkin. (via Laughing Squid)

Getting a Dog!

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The World's Shortest Commercial Flight

The shortest regularly-scheduled commercial flight is run by Scottish airline Loganair. It runs between the islands of Westray and Papa Westray in the Orkney Islands. The entire flight takes 80 seconds to cross less than two miles. This video is three times as long as the flight. Passengers don't even have time to get scared. But then again, the plane doesn't climb all that high and it doesn't go very fast, either, for a commercial plane. The flight is a lifeline for the fewer than 100 people who live on Papa Westray, because there is no bridge between the islands, and the ferry is quite time-consuming. It's almost like a city bus service. (via Digg)

Friday, October 06, 2017

Honest Enough

Winter Work Tip

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Simon's Cat in Spider Cat

The new animation from Simon Tofield is this year's Halloween cartoon. The cat is up in the attic, and he doesn't want to leave. I've dealt with that situation. You don't want your cat to climb the ladder to the attic- you'll never find him again! The attic can be a scary place, especially when the lights go out. It's full of spiders! After the new cartoon, there's a couple more classic Simon's Cat stories in this video. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Roy's Sugar Goat-Carriage